Are you looking at my breasts?…

January 11, 2006

When you are given a script for a film and its a film with scarlett johansson you wonder what you did for god to give you this unjust right to star alongside a hollywood beauty well for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers it was his time (lucky man) in Woody Allens film Match Point. There were of course scenes that needed nudity and when that time happened scarlet told Jonathan to look elsewhere and not at the breasts and like any man would he peeked!!!

I remember Scarlett telling me not to look at her tits. And I was trying to be a gentleman and sort of asking for a glimpse.

But I did sneak a peek. I couldn’t help it, they were in my face.

She has lovely lips and she’s a great kisser. Being able to maul her for 30 seconds, I was able to embrace that side of me and the film became easier.

Quoted from Egotastic

Good man…now if only she would bare them for whole world or just me…yeh just me…and maybe you…ohhh look at the pics and dream!!!


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