Lindsay Bumps and Grinds…

January 13, 2006

Just finished watching LOST another great episode might I point out!!!…and then I go ahead and read that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are grinding and bumping on poles and that by far got my attention. According to Egotastic Lindsay Lohan went out to a club called the dark room and there she met Kate Moss and bumped and grinded in front f the gawping onlookers in there which isnt such a bad thing come on if I was clubbin and saw Lindsay Lohan I would be up there saying “get your coat luv you’ve pulled”. But what was more impressive, was she goes in the toilet asks someone for a sharpie (something sharp to write with) and enscribes on the wall “Scarlett is a bloody cunt / L / Peace and love / [illegible] / fucker.” . Now im a fan of bitching because in the end it leads to cat fights which are always fun to watch but lets hope she doesnt mean Scarlett Johansson.

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