TRL Gets Lost…

January 13, 2006

Over here in the UK I refuse to watch TRL because the guests they are get are awful (no offence to them at all) but they are all UK tv stars and always men donno why that is…but When I read over at Just Jared that Evangeline Lilly was on TRL thats like the creme on the top of my coffee (If I of course drank coffee which I dont im more a DR Pepper fan) and of course all you readers out there had to see these images as well…over at Just Jared theres a video as well of the occasion which Im sure all you lilly fans will enjoy I know I did.

While Im at the giving stage of this blog…I would like to THANK all the visitors to the site which started at 7 and for the last 2 days has been at a staggering 88 views which is amazing for my standards of blogging thanks guys and gals!!! 

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