Links of the Week Ending January 20th…

January 20, 2006

Thus ends another week here on Rappys World and today is when I post my favourite links of the week…

LOST-MEDIA – I start of this weeks with this Lost fan site, theres many lost fansites out there when you google them but this one in my opinion is the best one out there with pictures and videos of upcoming and previous episodes for you to view. Also they are linked to an awesome forum as well where you can discuss the episodes and your own personal theories. (**NOTE THIS SITE DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS TO PEOPLE WHO HAVENT SEEN SEASON 2**)

CTRL+ALT+DEL – No im not asking you to view your task manager instead im asking you to view this amazing webcomic. This site has probably been going a few years now and I regulary check the site for updated cartoons and the odd bit of gaming knowledge. Recently the maker of site has announced he is taking the site to a new level by animating his cartoons…i’m really looking forward to this concept indeed.

WRESTLING-ATTITUDE – This site is a wrestling fans paradise for keeping up to date with the goings on in WWE,TNA,ROH,NOAH etc… because they have regular news postings daily talking about whats gonna happen in RAW or who’s signed for TNA and is gonna appear on IMPACT, also the forums are a good source for your latest diva stuff or a chat about what just happened on the PPV’s.

YEEAH – Just like me this person has a celeb blog keeping you up to date with the latest celeb goings on but the difference is they have been doing it for a whole lot longer then my few weeks…and they probably do a whole better job so go check them out…I do visit this site for some of my news postings.

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