Changed Themes…

January 21, 2006

Decided the look was wearing thin on me so changed them over and now it looks more light and airy. Noticed also wordpress are adding alot of themes lately which is cool because if you hot is yourself you can upload themes and edit them but with me having no webspace at the mo I do with what wordpress offer which is brilliant mind you.

Also noticed in the hits for this blog the last 4 days have been awful gone down from 120 odd to a lowly 35…Im doing something wrong im sure…oh well at least I have my dignity…or do I?!?

One Response to “Changed Themes…”

  1. Choco Says:

    Hi Rappy,

    Just thought this might be an easy way to try and find out what has happened with Celeb Forum at the moment.

    Hopefully you know something.


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