Jen for the Bunny Mag…

January 27, 2006

I’ll probably get loads of complaints from PB if I mentioned that famous bunny magazine that is avaliable to adults in america and worldwide but I will mention the fact Jennifer Love Hewitt hasent turned down the chance to appear in there. She feels shes not getting the right roles with her current image and wants a femme fetale image and with appearing in playboy people might take her a bit more seriously…im all for that jen…go for it and this is not because since seeing the green bikini pictures I want to see you topless….honestly!!!

“Jennifer has received some really big-bucks offers for years from magazines, including Playboy, to pose nude,” but she has always laughed off the idea, a close friend tells Star People.

“She always gets offered a cute little sidekick role,” another friend says. “She told me that maybe a sexy magazine layout with her showing her assets might give her a little edgier image, and she might be considered for a femme fatale role.

“She knows she can pull it off, but she thinks casting directors aren’t so sure.”

Credit Egotastic.

One Response to “Jen for the Bunny Mag…”

  1. […] Yep Remember a few months back well a couple of months back when I announced via other sources that Jennifer Love Hewitt wanted to get rid of her clean cut image and bare the beasts in the name of the bigger movie roles?!?…If Not Article is HERE….but it seems now shes getting closer to signing that dotted line for big money nudity deal to show the goods….now im all for this…I really am but theres a little bit in me that says we are only gonna get the breasts and not the ass or pussy?…am I alone here?!? […]

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