Links of the Week Ending 27th January…

January 27, 2006

Its that time of the week again…I know you all look forward to it…just me then?!?….ok…lets get cracking…

Bink.NuThis site is mainly about microsoft software and whats upcoming in Vista and Vienna down the long run. I used to use this site way back when I couldnt find the install to windows media player 8.0…also his knowledge of microsoft stuff is massive and is well respected around the tech community.

Jay and Jack – Now I listen to the official ABC podcast for Lost and find it very good but this podcast I find alot better (sorry abc!!) because of the laughs and the great recaps they go through on every podcast plus now its on twice a week and over an hour long…great work guys!!!

Greeting the 500  – Now this site was recently voted one of the top websites of 2005 by yahoo and I thought lets see why and its pretty amazing. It looks to be a person that gets to meet celebs like jono ross and bob holness (Blockbusters…what a show!!!). Good work meeting all those people mate.

That ends another links and guess what nearly 60 posts big and getting over 40 hits a day might not seem much to you but to me it means 40 other people then me are looking at this site…thanks!!!

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