Well with their new initiative you can…its an extension to the Live Local service but allowing you to go streetside in some places that they have implemented…but the question I have is how can they update this…I mean a man with a camera will have to go round the world capturing street by street (hope he’s on good wages)…If you wanna see the current preview site microsoft has up its located HERE. Or if your wondering what could it possibly look like heres a screenshot of it in action….


Thanks to Liveside for this news.

For all you WLM testers out there the version of the Messenger has been updated so you should be getting an update message sometime soon that looks like this….

Im beginning to warm to it but I want an A-Patch update so we dont have to see all that bloated crap that comes with WLM.

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Jessica Enjoys Single Life…

February 28, 2006

According to WWTDD Jessica Simpson is enjoying her life as a single girl and is getting bored of reading about her life in papers and magazines. She is currently in Santa Fe filiming “Employee of the Month” and she has done some extreme things to avoid those papz…she hid in her mums trunk so she could go shopping now thats extreme…even if with the popularity of Rappys World and all these people wanting words I dont go that far.

Credit to Sweetkisses for Pictures

Tut Tut Underage…

February 28, 2006

Emma Watson is 15 and there she is drinking alchohol but then again im not depriving her drink but shes not old enough and when pics come on the net it makes it worse because then people will judge her….im all for it Emma im betting this was in your own time….:)


Blogmad Page…

February 28, 2006

Just added a Blogmad page…what it is is located in there and what to do if you want one….If you cant be arsed click below…

WWE’s Torrie Does FHM…

February 28, 2006

I dont buy FHM anymore or any mens mag because all the pictures somehow find their way on the net which isnt always a bad thing in my opinion and today is no different and its of interest to me seeing as its WWE Divas Torrie Wilson,Candice Michelle and Maria Kanellis 3 very hot women you would want to get in the ring with at some occasion im telling you. Credit to Sicknote for these 🙂

Just a little reminder…Next Month Candice Michelle does Playboy..Look Out for That Issue!!!

Shes a fav on this site because of her great acting and her great assets…and that is pretty much enforced in this copy of Elle…look at them in that third pic…just want to put your face in them and snuggle up…yeh..ummm probably want to keep that off record