Saved by The Bell Ladies…

February 3, 2006

Today got me thinking its been some years since we have seen Saved by The Bell and thought lets see what good images I can pull out of the ladies from the show. First off we have…

Tiffani Thiessen

She was always my favourite out of all the girls and always had the best looks (no offence to the others of course) but this girl was like my first school boy crush even tho I didnt go to the fictional school. Lately I remember her from a show called Fastlane in which she got all soapy with Jaime Pressly (whos another hottie and will soon post some pics of her). When looking for tiffani pictures you find some of the best and here are some of the best from Rappys Collection on here.

Lark Voorhies

Not much is known about this girl but lisa as her character was known was always someone that if Tiffani turned me down I would certainly want to hit that and thats a fact. Since saved by the Bell she has been in other American Shows like Grown Ups and The Parkers and to find pictures of her isnt easy either but heres some that I did find.

Elizabeth Berkley

Finally we get to the final girl from Saved by The Bell and this one was a hottie in my opinion she never really lit a spark for me in the series always thought she was a freak because of her height *laughs* but when you consider she went onto star in showgirls that film that everyone hated except me because of the nudity of Elizabeth she scores high in my book. Since then shes had a steady tv career starring in CSI and Law and Order so shes done well, heres some images of her and of course theres the Showgirls ones.

This ends this post about Saved by the Bell and you have to admit it was a legend show for its time and that theme tune is immortalized in Youtube Flash Player…Adios!!!

12 Responses to “Saved by The Bell Ladies…”

  1. AndyK Says:

    Brings back Memories

  2. […] Reminisce about the original Saved by the Bell ladies (I like the screencaps of Tiffani Amber Thiessen in Fastlane – they look straight out of a porno flick) – NSFW […]

  3. […] Remember my Saved the Bell Post…if not heres the LINK but I found this on web travels and was in stiches…AC Slater…so good […]

  4. […] Remember the Saved by Bell Girls post ages back (was the most popular post on this blog) well Best Week Ever have posted about Saved by the Bell fans having best week ever (no pun!!!) which is pretty cool…well worth checking out if you wann go down memory lane. […]

  5. erin Says:

    I love Saved By The Bell! I think thats it is truly one of the most hilarious shows that I have ever seen!

    Plus, whats not to love about the 80’s? I remember being a little kid and watching this show every day after sachool. That is actually a really good memory of mine. I am all grown up now and I have a child of my own, and I can tell you that I wish he had an old classic to watch like I did.

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