Scarlett and Keira Get Naked…

February 7, 2006

Thats right you read that title right and this time its no fantasy in next months Vanity Fair expect a nude Scarlett and a Nude Keira for your eyes to admire…my god its like my year is coming up so nicely im not sure its the year thats coming up to be honest *shocked*…

One Response to “Scarlett and Keira Get Naked…”

  1. […] This is the April issue of Vanity Fair and wow and how much better can this magazine get…they are making celebs get naked everywhere…remember last month it was Keira and Scarlett getting starkers and now it Natalie at this rate my top 10 babes are all gonna be naked in Vanity Fair…or Playboy…ok that wont happen […]

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