The Lesser Known Hilton…

February 12, 2006

This post is about the lesser known of the sister of Paris Hilton and we dont know that much about her because she didnt have a home movie (which I still watch now and again for paris doing things with her mouth). But nicky is as hot in my opinion as Paris because she has a very fit toned body *drools* and lets hope one day she does a movie and not a kind that wins an oscar…

One Response to “The Lesser Known Hilton…”

  1. […] When you say Hilton you think of Paris (or maybe hotel depending on your lifestyle) because of her Sex Tape or her Antics in clubs and nipslipping everywhere but everyone forgets about Nicky Hilton who I think is a hot lass…she did have darker hair but she has gone blond at the moment and dont mind the way she is looking here…she bared all in Elton Johns 4 Inches Book as well and she does have a post on here. Credit to Lime-Light […]

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