SMG Braves the Warmth…

February 19, 2006

I remember reading ages back that Sarah Michelle Gellar was going to play a pornstar in a movie called Southland Tales and I instantly thought yes finally we get to see the great side to Sarah but then we all relised she would wear skimpy clothes but go topless or anything but these promos do it for me…look how hot she looks playing a pornstar and on a side note who cast The Rock in this movie you can only imagine what could prevail there..”thats $10 for that massage babe…THE ROCK SAYS NO ROCKBOTTTTTTTTTOM!!!! and I just layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass”

One Response to “SMG Braves the Warmth…”

  1. […] Havent the foggiest what IN2TV is all about but it sounds alright and techy but the main thing we get to see Sarah Michelle Gellar….shouldnt her pornstar movie be out soon with The Rock?!?…the promos from that looked fantastic […]

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