No Way To Wrestlemania for Rey…

February 20, 2006

As this blog gets more popular im gonna start to post other things other then celebs and right now my second love is wrestling and last night was WWE No Way Out and what a PPV it was first off we had this bitter rivalry between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio and it all started at Royal Rumble when Rey knocked Randy out last to get that ticket to wrestlemania but Randy wanted to make it personal when he brought up Eddie Gurrereos name and said evil things about him (which isnt very nice even for storylines).

But in the end it was Randy Orton getting a cheap win rolling up Rey and holding onto the ropes breaking the boy hood dream of Reys to go to wrestlemania and wrestle for the main WWE Heavyweight title (something that eddie gurrereo did) and he looked heart broken even if it is storylines he really did….poor man he ever apologised to Vicki Eddies Widow after the match. My View is that Rey could of been good in the main event against Angle because those 2 have had good matches.

The Other big match was Kurt Angle against the Undertaker and we all know that Angle is set to go to Wrestlemania so the outcome was gonna be Angle all the way but the match was a great one and one of the best title matches for a few years and Taker nearly had it with a triangle choke but Angle the wrestling machine he is reversed it into a pin and got him down for the 1,2,3.

Final notes of interest…the return of the Tatanka what a legend he has got into shape and looks really well tagging with Matt Hardy and beating the current tag champs MnM and also the return of the Animal and Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Batista saying he is ready to get the title back and on that note adios…will try and post pictures from Raw and Smackdown and TNA not just exclusive you know hehe… 🙂

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