Jennifer Anniston Going Nude!!!…

February 24, 2006

I’ll let this article do the talking me thinks…

Jennifer Aniston Nude Scene in ‘The Break Up?’
By Kate S. Campbell
Feb 18, 2006

Jennifer Aniston is set to do her first nude scene on film according to a report from the UK. In her upcoming film, ‘The Break Up’ Jen goes completely nude according to the report.

Jen Goes Nude, Bald?

But a description of the scene sounds more comedic than sexy.

The description says that Brooke (played by Jen) will parade around nude and “hairless” in a scene.


According to the report, Brooke takes a friend’s advice and has a ‘Telly Savalas’ beauty treatment, which involves the waxing off of all body hair. She then wanders around the apartment she shares with her ex, played by Vaughn, totally naked. After cheekily glancing into a bathroom mirror and quoting Savalas’ famous Kojak line “Who loves ya baby?”

Aniston’s character lets her towel drop to the floor.

As Vaughn’s character stares in disbelief, Brooke has a cheeky giggle to herself as she walks to her bedroom.


So – Jen will be nude, but similar to her GQ shoot, she will likely have strategic coverage. That said – this film looks like it could be her first real big screen hit.

It arrives in North American theaters on June 2.

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