Jenny McCarthy wants to Share her Breasts…

February 24, 2006

Im up for that wheres the party going down…breast sharing is the new craze so if you have a girlfriends that want to go out there and share them im game but seriously The Sun newspaper commented on how Jenny McCarthy wants to share her body in some form of orgy well infact its quoted like this…

“I always wanted an orgy to see what it was like, but never got the opportunity. I have good boobs and I know they’d get a lot of attention. Hey if someone’s tickling my body parts I’m happy.”

Im sure we all agree but I wouldnt just be focusing on the boobs in these mass orgies hands get everywhere not that I been to any or witnessed any…my neighbours should really close their curtains…and I shouldnt of bought a telescope…*looks shifty*

Article is From WWTDD

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