Abi Titmuss Strips on a Boat…

February 26, 2006

It seems like Abi was nothing before she did that tape with John Leslie *shudders* but lets face it she has amazing breasts our Abbi…a fine English lass with a fine pair of norks and a great ass…she goes on holiday and knows theres papz somewhere just waiting to capture her doing her bit on a boat…now if she dropped that towel would we be in business!!! on later inspection its a flag!!!

2 Responses to “Abi Titmuss Strips on a Boat…”

  1. […] I think thats a good idea Abi…I have seen this video and its not a bad video and please dont comment asking for it because im not gonna link it to anyone…thats what google is there for searching hehe.But needless to say if she wanted to do a porn shoot I wouldnt say no especially after seeing these pictures of her body. […]

  2. […] Of Course im not looking at the tights…im looking at her shapely boobs which are pretty nice but she hasent been around much lately ever since the strip on the boat stint which was noted by papz…so thought this is a good time to pull out some of the images you can find on Google Images of the babe…so credit to them and the people who put them there…more after jump […]

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