Rey Books His Ticket to Wrestlemania…

February 26, 2006

We all knew that if Rey lost at No Way Out there went his ticket to the mania but after the fans warmed so much to his win at the royal rumble that they must of decided to add him to the match was the best bet….which is what happened on smackdown…Teddy Long told Rey that at Wrestlemania it will be Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE World Title…now maybe for some predictions to that match and that would be we will be seeing this picture at Wrestlemania…

In Other news this Monday on Raw its the return of Marty Janetty and will he “kiss” Vinces ass…now if there if there ever was a moment not to watch wrestling it would be these Vince storylines awful things…but seeing as Jannety is around until Mania and further beyond it will be that he will do something that could lead Vince to make Shawns life more hell…

5 Responses to “Rey Books His Ticket to Wrestlemania…”

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