Lindsay Side Boob…

March 1, 2006

I wake up to find Lindsay Lohan nearly baring the goods at a General Motors Show…Go Lindsay!!!…not even my dreams are that good but it deffo shows that the boobs are back with and they look lushious…Credit to All who Informed me of This 🙂

The Money Shot

2 Responses to “Lindsay Side Boob…”

  1. […] Ever since the Nip Slip incident last week at General Motors Lindsay have been out and about on the net and outside the net…on the net being here with her personal photos released by a mate and one posted by me earlier and outside of course going to the dentist and doing day to day things and of course the papz are there to report it…Credit to Lime-Light for these. […]

  2. […] Well we all know what happens in car shows when Lindsay arrives…we have the side boobage incident to prove it…how classic was that incident made news around the world because we could finally see the nipple but here is Lindsay looking mighty cute and sweet and back to full health at the show for the new Saturn…boy I want a new car after looking at these… […]

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