More Emma Watson Drinking…

March 2, 2006

As Posted HERE by me I reported on Emma Watson being captured drinking underage but more have surfaced and the more I see these the more I feel she could be a great person to be around at a party…Credit to WWTDD

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9 Responses to “More Emma Watson Drinking…”

  1. […] Should I be worried that this picture is in her bedroom or a bedroom at least…very worrying these pictures because we have had these and of course Lindsays home pictures so whatever next!!! […]

  2. Harry Potter Says:

    I just wanted to say that i too enjoy a nice mug of fire whiskey every once in a while even though it is somewhat outside the legal regulations. It is none of anyone else’s business what hermione granger does outside of Hogwarts. Eat shit. Nuff Said. Endo story

  3. Brie&Kim Says:

    Umm…is this picture, like, seriously true or is it a bunch of photoshopped falseness? Because I am getting worried here, being one of her biggest fans–tell me its not real!

  4. Damien Says:

    Its real…they were released a while back

  5. danno Says:

    firstly, Englands drinking age is 18 but if acompanied by somone over 18 you can drink in the presence when out at a restaurant, so that explains the corona because she is in a restaurant probably with an adult.

    However, the 2nd picture makes no sense to me. Shes drinking shitty weak beer and hanging with uber geeks. Clearly no adults around so its illigal, but hey, who doesnt have a drink or 6 with mates and, budweiser is not classified as a beer in my books.

  6. Yutz Says:

    The drinking age in England, as said earlier, is 18. You can have a beer or some cider at the age of 16 if ordering it with a meal. And at least 5 years old in private with a parent/guardian. This is as far as I know, so if I’m wrong plese let me know. If you are worried about the 5 year old drinking in private with a parent don’t be, in Canada there’s no limit when in private and with a parent.

  7. hanisa Says:

    I got nothing to say…tired of reading the same old s**t over n over n over again.

    All i hv to say is STOP TALKING TRASH ABOUT HER. she can do watever she wants. And shes not stupid, she drinks so wat? its legal to be drinking in the U.K. at her age!!

  8. erin Says:

    k, its none of you buisness.
    enough said.

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