Peep Show and IT Crowd Fans Get More…

March 2, 2006

I just read some fantastic news that both Peep Show and IT Crowd have been given new series…cant wait for new Peep Show I thought the end of the current series was a bad way to end it and when I read that was it they werent bringing it back I was stunned. Also IT Crowd has grown on me over time and I love it now and pleased CH4 think it deserves another series…well done there CH4 🙂

Channel 4 has commissioned new series of Friday night comedies Peep Show and The IT Crowd, despite lacklustre ratings for both.

Speculation had been rife that the network was planning to axe Peep Show after its most recent series averaged just 1.3 million viewers. Lead actors David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who were being considered for a sketch show project, have now signed on for the fourth series, although it is currently unknown when production will commence.

C4 has also given the go-ahead to a second, eight-episode series of office-based sitcom The IT Crowd, for transmission early in 2007. All of the main cast have signed on for series two, as well as series producer Ash Atalla.

Source Digitalspy

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