Rihanna @ JCPenney Party…

March 3, 2006

Dont think I have posted any Rihanna yet on the blog…donno why that is because there have been some kick ass pictures of her floating around lately. These are from an opening or a party from a JC Penney store. being that I live in the UK I have no idea what they sell in these stores probably clothes and women stuff….last time I saw one of those stores would be on Dawn of the Dead (1970’s Version). Credit to Barcc

One Response to “Rihanna @ JCPenney Party…”

  1. […] I saw these over at HWB and though to post them because on here im a Rihanna fan and some of my fans who read this I know are as well…and unlike Emma Watson she is in age. We saw previously here that she is sooooo hot what ever she wears and she has that look about her that I love with girls…hehe […]

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