Giselle Teases The Workers…

March 4, 2006

Somehow I actually believe this…imagine you were on a building site next door to where they do FHM shoots or somink and you see this everyday…how amazing would that be!!!

Supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN has been giving workers on a New York construction site an early morning thrill by working out in skimpy yoga attire in front of them. The sexy Brazilian felt sure the burly builders couldn’t see into her apartment – but she discovered she was mistaken when they started waving at her. She explains, “I kept telling my assistant that we needed to put something up, because they could see in my apartment, but she said, ‘Don’t worry about it – you have special blinds where you can see out, but they can’t see in.'” The supermodel continued to stretch and practice yoga in skimpy outfits every morning in her living room. She adds, “I’m stretching in my shorts and I see a guy looking at me, but my assistant said he couldn’t see me, so I continued. “I left and came back home and there were more guys looking into my apartment. I decided to wave (to see if they could see) and they all waved back. “They could see me the entire time! I could have killed her (assistant)!”

Source “Contact Music”

One Response to “Giselle Teases The Workers…”

  1. Kassandia Says:

    Other then her obvious boob job, chick needs to put some meat on her ribs. There is such a thing as TOO skinny. Does this person ever eat? Ribs showing is NOT sexy. She is likely to poke some man the wrong way with those bones protruding outward.

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