Tara Reids Awful Stomach…

March 4, 2006

Remember back in tha day when Tara had great abs in American Pie and Body Shots…well nomore she has lost all that and subsequently went for liposuction and look how it turned out…shame on you Tara you were phitt now your just…Wild!!!

2 Responses to “Tara Reids Awful Stomach…”

  1. […] Tara Reid was hot I have stated this before in other posts I have done for example this one where I said her stomach was awful and again she has been going out with unsightly stomach showing but then she gets browny points back for showing her ass crack because of her low rider jeans…still at the moment would say no to her…lol…Credit D-Listed […]

  2. […] Sounds like a solictors and its far from it…Tara Red went to some Fasion show called “2 Be Free” and she met up with Kelly Osborne there…not always a bad thing seeing as Kelly as big norks (when she shows them of course in dresses) and its good to see Tara wearing something that doesnt show her lipo scars off again…im actually very much feeling what shes wearing or should that be I would want to be feeling what shes wearing…either way good stuff […]

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