Winner of Slutiest Dress Goes to…

March 6, 2006

Kate Bosworth…now im not saying shes a slut in anyway but why would you wear to the get noticed for the much bigger roles esepcially when people see the norks and think wow she has a nice rack and maybe we could put her in some lesbian cowgirl movie called “Brokerack Mountain” (that took 5 minutes to think up)..Credit WWTDD

3 Responses to “Winner of Slutiest Dress Goes to…”

  1. andrena Says:

    brokerack mountain??? lol!!! coming through blogmad

  2. Damien Says:

    i thought it was good…hehe i might just make a porn film with that title…money to be made :)…LOL…thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. Dariana Says:

    lmao, its a sexy something alright. But it looks more like sleepwear from Vistoria’s Secret. Shows you money doesn’t buy class. lol

    FOund you via BlogMad, stop by sometime.

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