Lindsay will go Nude if the price is right…

March 9, 2006

Woah when I read this over at Egotastic I thought finally shes come to her senses and she wants to bare all but she will only do it if its the right role and we all know the film would be a big hit amongst us male readers of this blog because come on Lohans boobies exposed the other week was getting us all drooling but by the price is right she wants an oscar for going starkers…not a fair trade really come on Lindsay….you were in Mean Girls and Herbie and Reese Witherspoon was in Walk the Line…hmmm 😛

7 Responses to “Lindsay will go Nude if the price is right…”

  1. T. Says:

    I don’t see Lindsay Lohan winning an Oscar anytime soon but I agree that she’s gorgeous. She’s been looking better and better now that’s she’s not grotesquely thin.

  2. machernucha Says:

    that thumbnail you put for the story, makes her look so hot!!

  3. […] Well doesnt any man at the moment?…she maybe sleeping around like theres no tommorow (rumours only about that) but she is getting major press time with anything she says or does…remember last week when she said “I will go naked if im assured an Oscar” well now shes come out and said that sex is indeed groooovy aint gonna deny that fact Lindsay especially as you have big breasts and your hot…Credit Egotastic for that Story […]

  4. Gerald Ford Says:

    I guess Lohan should have won an oscar for baring her ass at the kids choice awards.

  5. jasper Says:

    her pictures where you can see her tits are so hot, that i begin to masturbate, hahaha

  6. hottie Says:

    SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!

  7. hottie Says:


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