Playboy Gets Closer to Securing its Next Hottie…

March 9, 2006

Yep Remember a few months back well a couple of months back when I announced via other sources that Jennifer Love Hewitt wanted to get rid of her clean cut image and bare the beasts in the name of the bigger movie roles?!?…If Not Article is HERE….but it seems now shes getting closer to signing that dotted line for big money nudity deal to show the goods….now im all for this…I really am but theres a little bit in me that says we are only gonna get the breasts and not the ass or pussy?…am I alone here?!?

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4 Responses to “Playboy Gets Closer to Securing its Next Hottie…”

  1. […] I love Ghost Whisperer because you get to see JLH wearing not much when she goes to bed…ok shes not nude but the thought is there and what a thought it is!!!…wish she would hurry up with that playboy decision its making all us fans impatient!!!… […]

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