Lindsay Lohan Day to Day…

March 11, 2006

How can this girl just go day to day being hounded by Photographers wanting that perfect shot of her…I would just find it harassing with someone shoving a camera in your face but saying that it gets you noticed and you might live off that. First off would like to thank Machernucha who was the first ever person to send me a news story so kudos to him and secondly thanks to WWTDD for putting this out there to begin with and finally thanks to TMZ for making it and getting it from somewhere.

Sidenote: You just have to fucking laugh at the woman falling over and then the photographer getting in someones face…Lindsay walks off admist a paparazzi fight 😛 

12 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Day to Day…”

  1. Capri Says:

    Do you pay for your site because I tried putting the code on one of my posts and it disappeared.

  2. […] The Paparazzi fight is awesome! Thanks to Rappy’s World. Posted in Funny • Cool • Meme • Irritatingly Personal • Paris Hilton Factor • Free • Picture • Geek Pr0n • Video • Wtf? Seriously…WTF? • YouTube | Add To | Digg ThisTrack with co.mments […]

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