Meadow Video File…

March 15, 2006

I have found a video from the bit from the Sopranos where Meadow is dancing as mentioned in earlier post…so feel free to download (Warning its a VOB file so it plays with VLC Player)… 😛

Meadow Video

One Response to “Meadow Video File…”

  1. […] A viewer to this blog said if I covered the Sopranos it would be a great resource and I agree seeing as I watch Sorpanos dont know why I havent thought about covering it…theres a couple of Meadow videos over at Rappys World (lets admit it shes very hot). This is a mash-up created VH1’s Best Week Ever Blog…its hilarious and if you have seen the Sopranos you will understand it…I was in stiches at this early in the morning […]

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