Mischa is Naked…

March 16, 2006

I couldnt believe my eyes when reading this that the OC sweetie and innocent party girl (ok im pushing the line there with innocent) but according to Egotastic shes gonna go naked in her next movie that is currently screening at the SXSW Film Festival and the film is called The OH in Ohio…Below is Quoted from Egotastic.

The most impressive scene occurs thirty-six minutes into the film, while Mischa is in bed with Paul Rudd. Mischa once again prefers to let loose only in the dark (and there’s a chance that further inspection will detect a dreaded set of pasties) but Mischa’s topless scene is 100% certified body double free. And just in case those nasty pasties do prove their existence, Mischa threw in a nice ass shot to keep us (at least partially) satisfied. So there you have it. Mischa Barton. Naked.

Want my 2 cents here?…it sounds quite promising and I cant wait for the captures and movies from that film and an ass shot well thats something that will make the blog for sho!!!

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