Gemma got Some Melons…

March 21, 2006

Gemma Atkinson gone down hill again…I reported a while back how she has gone down hill lately since leaving Hollyoaks but now its gone all time low…shes got bigger boobs courtesy of a implant operation and she now she looks just a total slut (thats pretty harsh from me)…whats worse she wants to be the next Jordan…*ponders*

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Credit to GMAN

3 Responses to “Gemma got Some Melons…”

  1. vonBeard Says:

    oh yea boooooobs i love that chick

  2. machernucha Says:

    yup she does look like a slut, and that haricut makes her look like somthing out of bon jovi

  3. […] Earlier on in this record breaking week I posted some snaps of Gemma on the town where her boobs have got bigger since seeing her last on hollyoaks well now we have some snaps courtesy of Poynt over at Celeb Forum where she is enjoying some rays of sunshine somewhere abroad…now I dissed her boobs before but when shes in a bikini and showing off a bit more im actually not worried about her melons but of course when they are unleashed I bet they look weird…lol […]

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