Da Vinci Code Trailer…

March 23, 2006

I havent actually read the book although my mum has and its my book…lol…but she said its good but im in the theory that I will watch movies and if they are based on books even better…dont have to read the book then because there it is on screen to follow but this movie has had alot of hype good and bad…good because people wanna see it on screen and bad because it could rubbish come faiths that people believe in and of course they are still wrangling over if Dan Brown copied the idea from someone for the Da Vinci Code…anyway heres the link to the trailer and the Official Site.

One Response to “Da Vinci Code Trailer…”

  1. machernucha Says:

    i dont understand why do such a big movie out of a book that everyone has read, everyone knows what going to happen. 40million books of it have been sold, so considering the ppl who have the book but havent read it, thats still arounf 35million+ ppl who have read it, why would they go see a movie of a book theyve allraedy read, they allready know the plot twist

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