Death of Chef…

March 24, 2006

This my dear readers is the last appearence of Chef on South Park…I would like to take these few moments to say it was a good death and somehow nearly toppled a Kenny death but it seems like Chef has gone to meet his maker 😦

4 Responses to “Death of Chef…”

  1. Capri Says:

    That’s horrible. I haven’t seen the show in a couple of years but that’s horrible how they killed off the character. 😦

  2. machernucha Says:

    that was pretty sick

  3. candoor Says:

    I still like my idea about Chef going to work for the Scientologists, falling into a meat grinder, and being served as pate at a big Scientology Award Ceremony, but this will have to do 🙂

  4. Derek Hail. Says:

    The death of chef was a good episode. I liked it. I really like how they refer to it as the super adventure club.

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