Linking Me…Linking You…AHA!!!…

March 28, 2006

No Im not dedicating this post to Alan Partridge..although I have been watching alot of it lately so lets safely say I shall be linking to at least one classic alan site in this link post…

<> Natalie Portman look snazzy with Dustin Hoffman – JUSTJARED

<> Amazing Scans of Mandy Moore in Mean Magazine…2 Big Things on Front Cover – JUSTJARED

<> Possibly the best Lost Podcast other then the official out there – JAYANDJACK

<> Keira Knightly on Reaching 21 looks mighty fine and piggly – EGOTASTIC

<> Oceans 13 is a go people…but Julia we dont want you – WWTDD

<> You know what if you cant offer sex Sharon says suck it for them – IDLYITW

<> Kristinna Loken likes a bit of both – IDLYITW 

I sorta said that Alan Partridge would feature and he is….in form of a video regonise the bloke from Green Wing there (New Series starts soon!!! of Green Wing) 🙂

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