Britney is Nude…

March 30, 2006

Well according to a source on a Celeb Forum I moderate well used to moderate until I retired early enough to draw celebrity pension…an online casino has bought pictures of Britney Spears when she was dating Justin Timberlake of her nude…now this rings alot like the Sex Tape story last year of her with popozao guy (which lets face it if it was just her we would watch with him its just not watchable like madonnas movies…he didnt just go there…oh yes I did!!!).

Here we go again, another Britney Spears nude photo scandal may be on the horizon.  According to one published report an online casino has dished out $40,000 for nude pictures of Britney Spears.

And purportedly they are Britney nude as a teen, and may have even been taken by then boyfriend Justin Timberlake.Brit's reaction according to Richard Moriarty – she's furious.



One Response to “Britney is Nude…”

  1. Evan Says:

    A miserly father makes a prodigal son. Evan.

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