Pink has Sex on Webcam?!?…

April 3, 2006

Well im just wondering whats worse….seeing pink or seeing pink naked on webcam….think both are realllly bad to envision. I remember reading a while back that when Kate Beckinsale is filming she likes to show of her nice bum on webcam…now thats one girl I wouldnt mind seeing on webcam at some occasion…but pink no!!!…lol

Pink says she has only seen hubby Carey Hart three times since they married in January. But she says their relationship is healthy and confesses they enjoy virtual sex, via webcam.

She told the Mirror: "I've seen Carey three times since the honeymoon. But our relationship's been like that the whole time we've been together.

We've been going out for four or five years and we would just meet in hotel rooms. Now we do the whole webcam thing." But she added: "I get a little paranoid that I'll press the wrong button and it'll end up on my dad's computer!"



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