Its Linko Time…

April 13, 2006

Every now again I like to thrash out some links for people to visit and I often wonder if people do actually visit them or if its just a big lie…well here you go and at the end as usual a video that I have found on youtube or google depending on what it is 🙂

> Wanna Watch Carmen Electra ride a Vibrating Machine?!?…Who Doesnt!! – EGOTASTIC

> Come to play poker looking all goth…well Bai Ling did with an appearence from socialite herself Paris Hilton – D-LISTED

> Take a walk on the adult side of bloggin with visiting this site (I view it at least once a week for interesting articles…ok the pictures) – FLESHBOT

> Wanna see Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get waxed? – SUPERFICIAL

> Great site with amazing collages – ALLSEXYCELEBS

> I am a staff member of this lost fansite so check it out and join in at the forums – ANDFOUND

> Your Ipod Nano Crashed and dont know how to reboot it?!? – ATARIBOY

Finally on todays link post I thought I would bring to you some home culture in the form of my mates who have made a few very funny videos and thought I would share one with you called " patronizing men in the workplace"…Enjoy 🙂

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