Brad Cant Satisfy Jolie…

April 16, 2006

According to News of the World Angelina Jolies first lesbian lover has come out and said that Brad couldnt satisfy Angelina…Jenny Shimizu said that Angelina is a great lesbian lover and that even tho she is pregneant she doesnt see her staying with brad because shes into women and hooked like a drug…I would like to see some home movies if they made some…could be worth watching to see if she does love women more…lol

"Angelina loves danger and dabbling in the dark side. That's where she gets her kicks—not playing happy families with one man.

"She has a body which just makes you gasp and shudder with lust—so slender but with the most incredible, perfect curvy boobs.

"And her amazing skin is so soft to touch. But it's her mouth that made me beg for more—kissing me slowly and passionately with those full lips over every inch of my body. It's unbelievable what she can do with that mouth. Brad is one lucky boy!"

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