Not Just Jolie but Madonna and Loo’s…

April 23, 2006

When I read last week that this woman called Jenny Shimizu had Angeline Jolie ok I was jealous what man wouldnt be with lips like Jolies she could suck…..things yeh moving on shes come out in todays News of the World saying that she has also had Madonna and Rebecca Loos…christ and seen a naked Naomi Cambell…how mad is all that!!!…ok seeing Jolie naked is a gift but seeing all these women naked and to have sex with them all is just wrong and wheres my share in all this I should at least get the seconds of Loo’s?!?…actually wait Beckham had her so maybe not 😛

For the first time Jenny revealed an astonishing string of gay affairs with the world’s most beautiful celebrities, detailing how she: REVELLED in being pop diva Madonna’s sex slave, on call 24 hours a day for red-hot action, ‘MARRIED’ David Beckham’s one-time mistress Rebecca Loos, embarking on an erotic affair that’s still flaming, and SNOGGED supermodel Naomi Campbell in a deep French kiss.

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