Michelle is Hitting the Clubs…

April 30, 2006

I have a thing for Latin girls and that aint no lie but didnt see this coming…this week in NOTW they report that Michelle Rodriguez visits the gay clubs and chills out with women and kisses them and even as far as getting nude and going swimming (in which I say we need pictures of that)

And on a visit to Miami’s Skybar the star—who was jailed for five days this week after admitting drink-driving—stripped off to go skinny dipping with a naked girl. One onlooker at New York’s Duvet club said: “She set the place on fire and nobody could take their eyes off her, she was so sexy.” Dressed in skin-tight striped trousers and a white vest, Michelle romped with her new pal on one of the club’s king-size beds. The onlooker said: “She was certainly not a shy girl as she pushed her breasts against the other girl’s boobs and moaned in her ear.

Well im all for that and I think we need a Lesbian storyline in Lost between her and Lilly 🙂

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