Kelly Brook Shows More then Beauty…

May 2, 2006

Seems like everytime theres a premiere Kelly Brook goes out there and tries to out do herself…think it was the Snatch Premiere where she wore hardly anything infact looked like she had no knickers on….as pictured below 🙂

But this time she did what most female celebs try not to do when getting out of the car and that is show some upskirt action which she did show and boy we need more then these pictures to see if its true or just some cloth covering over it…needless to say shes naked in Three so wouldnt harm her next role would it…lol

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4 Responses to “Kelly Brook Shows More then Beauty…”

  1. Capri Says:

    That’s nasty. 😦 I’m sure she did that on purpose just for the attention.

  2. Deb Says:

    I think it’s sad that people go stupid at looking up a celebrity’s skirt.

    There’s always some pervert hanging around with a camera trying to get the pics on purpose…

    Still, sex sells.

  3. I guess it was another Snatch Premiere, so to speak.

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