Rappys Linking You…

May 12, 2006


Seems to be that time of the night where I should be sleeping but im sitting here thinking about what to post…lol…so why not a collection of links…ignore the crappy image above im getting another one made for my new post which shall be quite impressive I tell thee!!!

  • Remember the Saved by Bell Girls post ages back (was the most popular post on this blog) well Best Week Ever have posted about Saved by the Bell fans having best week ever (no pun!!!) which is pretty cool…well worth checking out if you wann go down memory lane.
  • Get voted off American Idol and already you have offers…thats whats happening to Chris who has a chance to tour with Fuel…thats not bad going is it!!! (Popsugar)
  • Lindsay Lohan on Ellen talking about how Fez was a great kisser…Lindsay we dont need to know this what we need is you to agree with make Mean Girls 2 with lesbians….yeh…thats my take on it (Superficial)
  • Damnit they looked so perfect…Burger King and Brooke seems it wasnt a match made in heaven after all…all those burgers and fries shared together and in the end it was just not perfect (Pink is New Blog)
  • Woooot…E3 Booth Babes…think thats all you need to know there!!! (Fleshbot)
  • Whats it called again?!?…Paris forgets own product you know Paris your rich, you do F’all all day and you forget this…at least you make this blog readable!!! (Nosy Snoop)
  • Ever wanted to see something in an Instant Messenger program, well you can help my good friend come up with ideas for his new project!!! (Fishbitt)
  • Previously on 24 Jack Bauer goes crazy…wtf are you doing Jack 24 loses an image when you do this…I will not watch anymore to at least season 5 episode 22. (Socialites Life)
  • Its official get rid of Mischa now noone cares because Bilson is what we all want to see!!! (Egotastic)

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