Weekendo Links…

May 13, 2006


As its the weekend and not much happens in the celeb world…but if it does I shall report it or any good pictures I shall post but I thought another links post even tho I just did one last night but I like to share whats rocking my world!!!…

  • WTF…We get shown round Star Trek Crib…this is weird but really funny at the same time (Egotastic)
  • Michelle thinks Jail was “Cool”…hmmm (Contact Music) and now she wants to start her own Fashion Line because she cant rely on paychecks no more…fair do’s you wont get a gig like lost again thats a fact (PR-Inside).
  • FACT Fergie is alright but bigger FACT Fergies sister is hot!!!….what a rack as well but its not always about racks…ok it is at this present time (Hollywood Tuna)
  • When did Uma get these…im not saying shes never had them but where did she get these bigger ones…wowsies I could nuzzle my head between them….yeh moving on!!! (Yeeeah)
  • Nearing end of Season 2 of Lost…want current News and Gossip then check out Andfound and PlanetDamien

  • Like Desperate Housewives on telly…why not put yourself in the game…sounds like a good idea…can you make out with Eva Longoria tho because if so im sold!!! (TMZ)
  • Woooot 7 Minute Preview of X3…Im so There!!! (JoBlo)
  • What do you say when your baby looks nothing like the mother…worry?!? (D-Listed)
  • Kelly and Boyfriend look happy…but theres something about Kelly that makes me think I should now go look at something nice looking!!! (Just Jared)
  • Guess who again failed to do what he should be doing…yep Pete Doherty…what a class example for British People right there (MTV)

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