O.C is Renewed…

May 15, 2006

O.C Cast

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend…its all down to my ISP limits…I was close to breaking them which would of meant reduced speed or cut off so I apologise…I hope to bring some updates now from the celeb world…starting with the 4th Season of The O.C 🙂

If or if not Mischa does wave goodbye to Orange County one thing is for sure it will return for a fourth season despite the poorest ratings since it first started…

Fox has renewed teen drama series The O.C. for a fourth season, the network confirmed on Friday. The news comes despite a downturn in ratings for its most recent season and a dispute between the network and the show’s production company. O.C. creator Josh Schwartz previously promised a “major reinvention” if the show was recommissioned.(Digitalspy).

Thats good news really because I dont want to see the show go…I sorta of stopped watching tho from the first few episodes of season 3…so lets hope theres some good stories for next season. 🙂

(For Lost News visit PlanetDamien)

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