Wolverine Movie Already Done…

May 16, 2006


I cant believe it with X-Men Last Stand just round the corner its been announced that the Wolverine movie is already done…and by done I mean filmed…how mad is that?!?. I cant wait to be honest for the Wolverine movie it will show how he became who he is and who we love in a comic book character.

Hugh Jackman, who reprises his role as Logan/Wolverine in the upcoming sequel X-Men: The Last Stand, has said that a second draft of the proposed Wolverine prequel movie has already been completed. Jackman would star in and co-produce the film, which would likely receive a quick green light from 20th Century Fox if The Last Stand proves successful. “It’s probably going to be a prequel to the movies that exist, and I’ve just seen—not just, but about three months ago I saw—the second draft that David Benioff [Troy] has done. You probably know David. He’s a huge fan of the franchise and probably one of the hottest writers in town, and so the lucky thing that I have is him as a partner on this and, for me playing Wolverine, that [they’re the] A lists of the A lists, and there are a number of them that are passionate and want to work on it. So I think and they think that there is enough in this character to substantiate not just an appendage to the movie that exists, but an entity on its own. I don’t want to make Wolverine be a kind of disguise for X-Men 4. I want to make it stylistically and character-wise as different as we can and show some new stuff. I play him, and I would [be expected to] say this, but I think that he is one of the most interesting characters in terms of action heroes and comic-book heroes around.” (JustJared)

3 Responses to “Wolverine Movie Already Done…”

  1. yoharryo Says:

    In general second draft means the script is nearly finished. Still pretty far from being filmed…

  2. Hi Damien,
    I’m keeping track of all the Wolverine Movie news and rumors over at http://www.wolverinemovie.net, come on over and check it out sometime. Hugh Jackman sounds really stoked on this Benioff script.

  3. Damien Says:

    Cool I shall check it out and keep a eye on it for news 🙂

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