Wreckless Driver….

May 16, 2006


Woah There!!!…We all know you dropped the baby on his head poor Sean Preston but now you go driving and leave the poor blighter at the back not very secure…this is mad and to think shes pregneant again!!!…wheres she gonna put the other in that mini car. New York Post were there to report what they saw from the side of the road!!!…

Babies under 20 pounds or less than a year old should have their car seats facing backward, according to California motor-vehicle codes, and 8-month-old Sean Preston is facing forward as Spears rolls along in her Mini Cooper with its top down. “The seat is facing the wrong way. We like it when the child’s head is facing back,” said California Highway Patrol spokesman Tom Marshall. Since CHiP officers didn’t actually witness Spears driving with Sean facing the wrong way, they won’t consider citing her. CHiP is also unlikely to file a report with L.A. County social workers, Marshall said, despite earlier parental missteps by Spears. (NYPost)

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