ABC Fall Schedule…

May 17, 2006


All the stations in America have been releasing their schedules for the Fall and the other day I blogged about Joey being cancelled which wasnt a big shock and the ABC hasnt really shocked the world with their schedule either…of course Invasion was one of the casualties which is a shame because I never got a chance to watch it and it was highly plugged by ABC and it followed Lost (Which naturally has been renewed for a third season)

Another bit of news from the ABC Schedule is Greys Anatomy is moving from Sundays to Thursdays to compete with CBS hitpuller CSI at the 9pm timeslot, and that change will also lead pretty nicely into JJ Abrams new show called Six Degrees (which I will be following being a fan of lost and alias). Full Schedule is viewable after the jump and news of the cancellations and startups is over at Digitalspy.


8pm-9pm: Wife Swap
9pm-10pm: The Bachelor / Supernanny
10pm-11pm: What About Brian


8pm-9pm: Dancing With The Stars (new night) / Set For The Rest Of Your Life (new series)
9pm-9.30pm: Let’s Rob… (new series)
9.30pm-10pm: Help Me Help You (new series)
10pm-11pm: Boston Legal


8pm-9pm: Dancing With The Stars (new night) / George Lopez / According To Jim (new night)
9pm-10pm: Lost
10pm-11pm: The Nine (new series)


8pm-8.30pm: Big Day (new series)
8.30pm-9pm: Notes From The Underbelly (new series)
9pm-10pm: Grey’s Anatomy (new night and time)
10pm-11pm: Six Degrees (new series)


8pm-9pm: Betty The Ugly (new series)
9pm-10pm: Men In Trees (new series)
10pm-11pm: 20/20


8pm-11pm: ABC Saturday Night College Football


7pm-8pm: America’s Funniest Home Videos
8pm-9pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9pm-10pm: Desperate Housewives
10pm-11pm: Brothers & Sisters (new series))

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