Lindsay Likes Her Boobs…

May 17, 2006


Hey Lindsay We All Do!!!…there was a stage where I thought there were gone and they werent coming back and im sure all the men who watched Mean Girls remember the great bosom you had then you lost it but now its back its all good. She went on to say they are the right shape as well…

TEEN babe Lindsay Lohan says that her breasts are the perfect size and shape. The American actress, 19, told OK! that she has to thank her sexy curves for her heavenly boobs, and thinks that she’s even sexier now she’s put on a little weight. The Mean Girls star said: “I like my breasts the size and shape they are naturally. “I am comfortable in my own skin.” (The Sun)

3 Responses to “Lindsay Likes Her Boobs…”

  1. da Says:

    She is so fugly

  2. machernucha Says:

    that is so fetch

  3. Atariboy Says:

    I like her boobs too

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