DOA Marissa…

May 19, 2006


Well we all guessed it would be Mischa facing the death in the O.C and guess what it was and it wasnt pretty. Mischa recently stated that she wanted to leave the series because her character has nothing left to do which if fair do's so I assume now you will get your kit off in movies?!?…if you want to read what happened make the jump 🙂

The class of 2006, which includes Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer, graduated from Harbor High School. Seth and Summer were accepted by the same college. Ryan was reunited with his mother, who gave him a Land Cruiser as a graduation gift. Marissa's mom gave her a pearl necklace, while her dad gave her an opportunity to work with him on a yacht set to sail around the Greek islands. Ryan was taking Marissa to the airport in his new SUV when they were antagonized at high speed by a drunken and vengeful Volchok, who they both had a history with. Volchok swigged from a flask as he chased the pair in his car. Ryan lost control of the Land Cruiser and crashed, the vehicle rolling off the road. He pulled Marissa from the wreckage just before the vehicle caught fire. There, on the side of the road, she died in his arms. (Yahoo)

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