Da Vinci Code Rakes It In…

May 22, 2006


I have not read the book although I have the book…I like to watch the films rather then reading because reading means effort. I have been told tho that this film is pretty good and then I have read reviews that say its a complete bunch of crap so I will stand out there and say i'll watch the DVD when its out but its done well anyway raking in $224m (£119m) in its first weekend which has only been bettered by Star Wars Revenge of the Sith last year. Congrats to Ron Howard and all that worked on this movie for pulling it off.

The Da Vinci Code movie took $224m (£119m) at box offices around the world at the weekend despite controversy and bad reviews, its distributor has said. That is the second most successful film opening in history, Columbia said. It could not beat Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, which made $253m (£135m) in its first weekend last year. The thriller, based on Dan Brown's novel, also topped the US and Canadian box office, taking $77m (£41m) in its opening weekend. Many critics were disappointed with The Da Vinci Code film, while Catholic groups around the world have protested against its portrayal of the church.(BBC News)

One Response to “Da Vinci Code Rakes It In…”

  1. I’m Mathieu (God Gift), Son of Benedikt (God sended) Catholic Priest,
    fatherless condamned under a cruzifix in Montabaur: Germany

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