Pete Doherty is Dropped…

May 22, 2006

Pete Doherty

No not from a plane although it would rid of us of him…no he has been dropped by his record label after all the stunts he has pulled lately…mainly the stupid thing he did with the Blood spurting at camera…

Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles have been dropped by their record label Rough Trade. The company reportedly decided it would no longer tolerate the singer’s controversial behaviour after he squirted a syringe of his own blood at an MTV camera crew. “That was the last straw for Rough Trade,” a source told the Sunday Mirror. “They couldn’t put up with that sort of behaviour any longer. There’s only so much they could take, and Pete’s gone way beyond that. “Rough Trade backed Pete as much as they could. But whatever their fondness for him as a person, it’s a business as well, and he had become a liability.” (Digitalspy)

One Response to “Pete Doherty is Dropped…”

  1. Atariboy Says:

    What a wanker, he deserves nothing, should jsut disappear from media altogether for being such a twat.

    He would become a hobo pretty fast.

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